Hello, design blog, old buddy, old friend!  I thought I’d sneak by and fill you in on my Christmas break surprise project. I decided the other day that I want to learn to use Prezi.  So I watched a few videos and created a new project.  For now, I stuck with the previous theme and made a little photo presentation about my mom.  Check it out!  Carol’s Love:  A Legacy of Faith and Beauty

Last night I had troubles sleeping so I concocted another Prezi idea.  Using one of the cool fonts I downloaded the other day, I would like to create a presentation of the life of Léopoldine, daughter of Victor Hugo.  She drowned with her new husband when she was only nineteen, a few short months after their marriage.  This tragic loss inspired some of the most beautiful poetry including Demain, dès l’aube and A Villequiers.

See?  Flow can happen even during a break.  ha ha