1.  List the tasks you’ve been working on this week.

I enjoyed the satisfaction of another productive meeting with Dave, my main SME, and three more servers, Joe B., Tom B., and Will D.  We stepped through each step in my task analysis and made a lot of necessary adjustments.  Then on Sunday I watched the servers and found one possible gap (the chalice, paten, etc. taken to the priest from the credence table) – I can resolve this in my next conversation with Dave.

Sunday I also copied pictures of the vessels and other items with which the altar servers must be familiar.  I will consider how to incorporate this into the training; I may need some photographs of them.

Joe carrying the Crucifix

I am trying to follow the advice of not starting too soon, but I decided to work with my photos a bit to see if I can accomplish the look I have in mind that I conveyed to my SMEs.  I spent a very short amount of time with one picture and was so pleased with the results, I’m ready to move forward with other areas before I do too much editing.  Here is a wonderful picture of Joe B., the senior server in my pictures.

2.  Consider the progress you have made this week.  Think about concepts, issues, and difficulties you have encountered as well as any decisions you made during the project.  Mark “X” on the items below that you reflected upon.

  • Insufficient or inapplicable knowledge of skills
  • Related prior experience
  • Feelings
  • Attitudes
  • Taken-for-granted beliefs and personal values
  • Goals, Criteria, and Constraints of the project – X
  • Client/stakeholders/users – X
  • Implementation Context
  • Available Time
  • Available Resources/Budget
  • Teamwork Dynamic – X

3.  For each item you checked above, describe any difficulties or concerns you encountered, the actions you took to deal with them, and your future plans in this particular area.


With the tasks of altar servers identified, I set up several photos to explore the look and feel of the project and to move forward with some concrete progress.  I also attended an ASTD Atlanta Professional Development meeting about Casual Gaming this week to begin to identify priorities for this project if I continue my plan of designing a serious game/simulation.


This week Dave and I were joined by Will D., Joe B., and Tom B.  Together we set up several pictures for the project.  While we were doing this, Dave and Theresa D. (Thomas D. and Will D.’s mother) made adjustments to the first draft of my task analysis so I would have all the aspects of altar serving identified.


The various people on my team continue to work with a positive and encouraging spirit.  All of us are eager to create something useful for our parish that promotes this important service to the Church.

4.  Other thoughts about your project or any help you need.

Thurible with smoke

Thurible with smoke

A little bit of history happened today.  My husband woke me up before 7AM this morning to let me know that Pope Benedict XVI had announced his impending resignation.  It might surprise some that this actually has a small impact on my project.  I had researched and found a picture of the Holy Father to use in a motivational way at the end of my project.  I will continue with this plan for now, but I will be watching with interest to see who will emerge as the next leader of the Catholic Church.  If I’m not able to get the picture I need, I might use a photo of Atlanta’s beloved Archbishop Gregory instead.


I would really like to have some feedback on my progress so far, particularly about whether I should begin my design process at this point.  I’m excited to explore prototyping and I see an implementation plan will be due next week so I still feel pretty confident I’m on target.