1.  List the tasks you’ve been working on this week.

This week I snapped a couple more pictures and loaded them into the photo folder for this project.  I also edited my instructional content/task analysis with my client’s feedback to make sure I have the correct process for altar serving.  I then translated this analysis into a flow chart for the main portion of my program.  At this point I am thinking of it more like a simulation; I’ll need to read more about this in the coming weeks to determine whether this is a valid approach before I’m fully committed to it.

2.  Consider the progress you have made this week.  Think about concepts, issues, and difficulties you have encountered as well as any decisions you made during the project.  Mark “X” on the items below that you reflected upon.

  • Insufficient or inapplicable knowledge of skills
  • Related prior experience – X
  • Feelings
  • Attitudes
  • Taken-for-granted beliefs and personal values
  • Goals, Criteria, and Constraints of the project – X
  • Client/stakeholders/users – X
  • Implementation Context
  • Available Time
  • Available Resources/Budget
  • Teamwork Dynamic – X

3.  For each item you checked above, describe any difficulties or concerns you encountered, the actions you took to deal with them, and your future plans in this particular area.

Related Prior Experience

Even though I have never been an altar server, it has been a tremendous help that I am a Catholic and have attended Mass many times, particularly at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.  In addition, it has been a bit helpful that I am a lector; this experience has given me insights into the intent behind the process.


These important ideas were essential in the editing of my instructional content/task analysis as well as in the development of my flow charts.


As I attempted to make some “look and feel” sample slides, I realized the vision in my mind is far from complete.  Hopefully these ideas will generate more ideas and lead to a solid and acceptable look and feel for the project.


I have been encouraged by the response I’ve been able to receive using email.  Everyone involved in this project is busy so it is very helpful to continue to make progress without having to carve out too much time for meetings.  On another note, the attention I’m paying to the altar servers during Mass these days paid off Sunday.  I quickly realized one of the candle bearers wasn’t feeling well and was able to run to his aid when he began to pass out.  Fortunately he recovered pretty well and will likely return quickly to his normal self.

4.  Other thoughts about your project or any help you need.

At this point I definitely need some help from my client to verify the flow charts and give input to the look and feel ideas I have generated so far.  I wonder if a coffee house meeting might be in order to finalize a few decisions and generate a few ideas to add some much-needed cohesiveness to the design.  My next main goal is to create a prototype.