1.  List the tasks you’ve been working on this week

This past week has been a little quiet – I’ve done some behind-the-scenes work on the project while my main SME had surgery.  He’s all recovered now so we met Friday so I could show him my prototype and some samples slides.  I planned to focus in class yesterday on giving desk crits, not expecting to get much feedback from others until after I meet with my main client check-off person, Debbie Chisholm.  Boy was I surprised!  Details below.

2.  Consider the progress you have made this week.  Think about concepts, issues, and difficulties you have encountered as well as any decisions you made during the project.  Mark “X” on the items below that you reflected upon.

  • Insufficient or inapplicable knowledge of skills – X
  • Related prior experience
  • Feelings
  • Attitudes
  • Taken-for-granted beliefs and personal values
  • Goals, Criteria, and Constraints of the project – X
  • Client/stakeholders/users – X
  • Implementation Context
  • Available Time
  • Available Resources/Budget
  • Teamwork Dynamic

3.  For each item you checked above, describe any difficulties or concerns you encountered, the actions you took to deal with them, and your future plans in this particular area.

Insufficient or Inapplicable Knowledge of Skills

Aha…at last I can safely choose this topic for my design journal entry!  Several people stopped by to give a desk crit during the studio class last night.  My favorite recommendations came from Marjorie:  providing an opportunity for the user to enter his name and generate a certificate upon completion of the course (Captivate Crazy blog on the subject).  I need to do some further research in order to make this work.  I am a bit uncertain about how I’ll be able to combine results from the quiz and my simulation into some sort of overall score.  I’m glad for the challenge, though!


Dave Krut, my main SME, plans to look carefully through the task analysis flow charts determine once and for all whether he likes the granularity of the program and my choice of simulation decisions and incorrect answers.  I noticed that I believe I’m missing the genuflections of the servers when the priest opens and closes the Tabernacle.  I need to remember to make this adjustment.


I was happy to present my project to Debbie Chisholm, the main person at the parish who [figuratively] signed off on the prototype and overall design.

4.  Other thoughts about your project or any help you need.

Spring break could not have happened at a better time for this project.  I am hoping to put together the slides I need for the project – this will help me generate a list of needed photographs to fill in any empty placeholders.  I did take a picture of a SVdP classroom to use as the background for the “Running the Lines” slides – very important to get a sense of the look and feel and to get this part moving.  I still need a picture of Dave to add to that master slide…I’m going to try to get him to wear his all black ninja wear like he wore when we met for coffee.  ha ha
Best part of this week:  they LOVE the fishing theme and the color scheme!  Woo hoo!
Look and Feel