1.  List the tasks you’ve been working on this week

I’ve spent the past few weeks continuing to transfer content from the task analysis into the “Running the Lines” portion of the training program.  In fact, I have almost finished and should be able to move on to the simulation later today.

I also spent a considerable amount of time writing the Cost Estimation and Formative Evaluation Plan.

2.  Consider the progress you have made this week.  Think about concepts, issues, and difficulties you have encountered as well as any decisions you made during the project.  Mark “X” on the items below that you reflected upon.

  • Insufficient or inapplicable knowledge of skills  X
  • Related prior experience
  • Feelings
  • Attitudes
  • Taken-for-granted beliefs and personal values
  • Goals, Criteria, and Constraints of the project – X
  • Client/stakeholders/users
  • Implementation Context
  • Available Time
  • Available Resources/Budget – X
  • Teamwork Dynamic

3.  For each item you checked above, describe any difficulties or concerns you encountered, the actions you took to deal with them, and your future plans in this particular area.

Insufficient or inapplicable knowledge of skills

I have never worked with project management or cost analysis so it was difficult for me to write the Cost Estimation.  I referred to the documents created by others in my cohort as well as students in previous classes.  I also did not have any experience with Survey Monkey so I had to familiarize myself with the program and its limitations in order to create the instruments for my formative evaluation plan.

Goals, Criteria, and Constraints of the project

I became concerned this week that I had taken on more content that I could handle.  I started to question my decision to include the “Running the Lines” portion.  Should the simulation be adequate to teach the servers the correct procedures?  I made this decision with my client, though, and have almost completed it so I decided to move forward with the plan.  I’m hoping that I will be able to move quickly through the simulation by copying groups of slides and modifying them.

Available Resources/Budget

Despite my inexperience, I had to evaluate available resources and determine a budget to estimate the cost of my project.


At this point, I feel like what I need most is time.  Fortunately, I have completed almost all of my work for the elective class I’m taking.  My hours at my part time job have diminished, making finances challenging, but giving me more time to work on this project.

I have arranged a meeting this Friday with my SME to take a picture for my “Running the Lines” master slide and also to record the audio.  This pushes me to move on to the simulation as quickly as possible and also gives me plenty of work to complete without needing the internet, convenient for the twelve-hour ride I’m about to take for a week in DC/Baltimore.  I believe I could conceivably come back with the content and quiz questions complete.  This will leave me with final photos, the certificate, and the added bonus slides when I return.

I have one challenge that affects my project:  Fr. Adrian, parish priest at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, has been ill and will need surgery in the next week or two.  He has therefore been unable to pose for photos.  I could take some of the pictures I need with a deacon, but I believe Fr. Adrian would be pleased to be in many of them in order to support a personal feel to the program.  I will discuss this with my client as we will see how he progresses after surgery; if necessary, I may leave some pictures out until he is well enough for me to photograph him.