1.  List the tasks you’ve been working on this week

I’ve entered all of the simulation content, but still need to complete the interactions.  I also have to complete the quiz which will be easy.  I need to take quite a few pictures and incorporate them into the slides where they belong.  I’ve documented exactly what I need to make this time-consuming task as efficient as possible.

2.  Consider the progress you have made this week.  Think about concepts, issues, and difficulties you have encountered as well as any decisions you made during the project.  Mark “X” on the items below that you reflected upon.

  • Insufficient or inapplicable knowledge of skills – X
  • Related prior experience
  • Feelings
  • Attitudes
  • Taken-for-granted beliefs and personal values
  • Goals, Criteria, and Constraints of the project – X
  • Client/stakeholders/users – X
  • Implementation Context
  • Available Time
  • Available Resources/Budget
  • Teamwork Dynamic

3.  For each item you checked above, describe any difficulties or concerns you encountered, the actions you took to deal with them, and your future plans in this particular area.

Insufficient or Inapplicable Knowledge of Skills

My main challenge at this point has been in figuring out how to use variables and branching to accomplish the assessment aspects of the simulation.  I’m completely comfortable with creating quizzes, but I’ve had to spend quite a bit of time to figure out how to assess progress in the simulation.  I think I have a plan, but I suspect I’ll need to learn a bit more as I program the new interactions.


I’m still concerned about content, but my client/SME does prefer having the “Running the Lines” portion.  He agrees that it will be nice to incorporate additional information, but we decided it was best to complete the basics first and then creatively incorporate the supplementary material.


This week brought a major complication that will likely significantly impact my ability to complete every aspect of my testing and to obtain final sign-off from my client.  Not only is the parish priest recovering from surgery this week (anticipated four week recovery) but I received news that my main contact and SME Dave also faces surgery just a week later.  Open heart surgery.  I still need to take a picture of him to incorporate into the “Running the Lines” master slide.  This is an easy task, but…well…he needs to be standing.  Or at least sitting.  Thank goodness we completed the audio.


Still…I need time.  I have been working hard to get all of the content in.  It takes quite a bit of time to incorporate all of the interactions and features that I have planned while ensuring the content is accurate and complete.  I spent quite some time planning how to design the interactions, including research for how to incorporate the counters and branching that I’ll need.  Make no mistake, I will finish this product and deliver it to my client’s satisfaction.  Circumstances are conspiring against me and my deadlines!

One might argue that I shouldn’t have taken a “week off,” but I worked on this project in the car coming and going as well as several evenings while we were on our trip.  It’s just a very complicated undertaking.  It’s also a great learning experience, though, and a valuable asset for my parish.

I also need time in order to properly incorporate the input of my parish priest and Dave, my main client contact and SME.  I will try to obtain a few more photos without them, but I can’t completely finish until they are fully recovered and available.

If I wrote a book about this semester’s project, people would certainly think I took a bit too much creative license with the pope resigning, the priest facing surgery, and then open-heart surgery for my SME just when I’m poised for Alpha testing.