I’m thrilled to have completed Fishing for the 21st Century:  St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church Senior Altar Server Training in time for the end of the spring semester.  Once Fr. Adrian Pleus and Dave Krut both recover from their respective surgeries, I look forward to making a few minor changes and implementing the program.

Front page of altar server training program

Fishing for the 21st Century: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church Senior Altar Server Training

I have several projects lined up to continue to develop my instructional design skills.

Foundation for Financial Planning

Their director for mission outreach approached me to develop a training program for financial planners to complete pro bono work in the community.  At a preliminary meeting we discussed their need for an interactive program with back end functionality that allows them to capture results.

    • Why volunteer?  (Add the value of financial planning?)
    • Self Evaluation
    • Understanding community-based organizations
    • Types of financial education needs and support
    • Community Connections
    • Rules of engagement (add volunteer eligibility policy?)
    • Monitoring
    • Finding opportunities and resources

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

The parish leadership is pleased with the senior altar server training program and they are interested in the development of a similar training refresher program for candle bearers who need additional support after their face-to-face training.