I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my internship work, but it’s almost coming to a close this week with my last session on Friday.  This should give me the opportunity to put a lot more focus on this project.

Initial PrototypeI’ve worked with Lu Post to complete a prototype and she was thrilled with it.  She provided answers to my questions from my last blog entry:

  1. Who would be my main audience – home health and hospice care workers/clinicians or a more general audience?  Nurses in home health and hospice organizations
  2. What problem is going on in home health/hospice that would necessitate this training?  The environment in which nurses assist patients with medication is not typically a controlled environment   In this independent setting, often in the evenings or weekends, nurses need to be prepared to handle various calculations to ensure proper dosage.  Often these calculations are performed on a less frequent basis which has left nurses to keep paper copies of job aids with them; electronic job aids with guidance for their use would help this situation greatly.
  3. What programs currently exist for this audience and topic?  There are some textbooks and articles, but very little (if any) scenario-based eLearning to review and test knowledge and incorporate practice and feedback, especially in the fields of home health and hospice.
  4. I might be able to arrange to talk with a few people in the field – would this be valuable?  This would be a great idea, although Lu has quite a bit of experience and resources as well so it’s not essential.
  5. Can you provide samples and/or templates of storyboards or similar tools you use at this stage?  I might weave something like that into a prototype.  Received storyboard template and author packet.

In the coming week I plan to focus on two areas:

    • Articulate Storyline
    • Storyboarding

I have begun writing out some material for Dorothy and Neil, the characters in my prototype, but I need to work on how they will be woven throughout the project.  Lu is working on a draft job aid; once I receive it I will begin to work on the references and resources and how they will appear on the screen.  I love the idea brought up in our group desk crit to incorporate QR codes so nurses can quickly and easily access the job aids electronically.  Based on the feedback I received I also am considering changing the menu screen from a circle to a more modern tile presentation.

Time to get started in Articulate Storyboard!