This, my last semester, is the first where I have gotten behind, particularly in my design blog.  There are a variety of reasons for this.

Less F2F

Don’t get me wrong.  My bank account is pleased to take a break from the weekly fifty-mile commute and my psyche has appreciated less I-85 traffic drama.  Meeting face to face less often, though, I believe has contributed to a decreased flow in my work.  I’ve heard so many other members of my cohort talking about similar slumps. When this program goes completely online, this might not be as much of an issue because it will be the norm.

Guilty of Short-timing?

So I’m graduating in December.  Perhaps there’s a little senioritis going on?  I’m not sure whether I’m guilty or not, but it’s possible.


I’m balancing a lot more this semester compared to my first time in EDIT6190.  I’ve been juggling a variety of means for earning some income, two classes with major projects, an internship, portfolio development, and I’m teaching two classes for my church.  My coursework is my priority, though, so I remain committed to doing excellent work.  This has led me to put a lot more energy in doing and less in the writing part of my reflection on this process.


I love it.  However, it is much more different from Adobe’s Captivate than I expected.  I was able to quickly build content, but my designs tend to rely a lot on programming states, layers, and triggers.  This has been the prime consumer of my time.  I’m not sure it will be obvious to learners or desk critters so it may seem like I have not spent much time on this project.  My biggest surprise this semester is how little interest the people around me have shown for Storyline.  It’s a great product, but no one has asked to see what it’s like.  Despite its complexities, I would love to have a job where I get to use this software.

The Busy Client

Sure, it’s clear to me that I took on an extra challenge when I decided to complete a project this semester with a client.  She runs a business and has been traveling quite a bit this semester which has made it difficult to pull all of the content together.  It doesn’t help that this is the first project where I am not a subject matter expert or even semi-expert.  As a result, my main challenge here in the home stretch is getting the scenarios into the course.  I’m still learning a TON about my tool and the design of eLearning in the medical field.

My Own Health

I’ve had a health challenge that has plagued me this semester.  It hasn’t stopped me entirely, but it has definitely slowed me down.  Now that the most serious causes have been eliminated as suspects, I can turn my attention back to my work.

The Literature

So I read a wide variety of articles and blogs about scenarios in eLearning.  I read this type of content all the time.  I just need to organize my thoughts and connect them to my project.  Please forgive me if I save that for my next entry.  I have an online meeting with my client in a few minutes.  It’s coming, though.  I just need to get it onto this blog!