This week has been bittersweet.  I woke up Tuesday to learn the dog we recently rescued was deteriorating rapidly and it was almost time to say goodbye.  I hated to leave him to go to class, but it was the night of my last showcase.  The show must go on, as they say.

After the showcase wrap-up discussion, several people congratulated those of us who will be graduating next week, but I could hardly focus to process what they were saying.  I was anxious to get home to my dog, but my EDIT 8350 group needed to complete final revisions for our final evaluation report.  I never seem to be able to come to terms when things come to an end anyway.  I’ll probably realize my UGA time is coming to an end a week or two after graduation.

I’m excited to have completed my final internship report.  It was a great experience.  There were a few things I wasn’t able to complete, but I might take some time to do those in the coming weeks if Lu Post has the time.  I still consider it to be successful and an excellent choice given my background and interests.

This brought me to mid week with nothing left but to complete my Studio project. I was a little concerned that it has taken this long to develop my course, but our discussion in the wrap-up portion of the showcase was very helpful.  I did include a lot of interactivity and a lot of moving parts, all requiring me to learn more about Articulate Storyline.  During the showcase I found several bugs that I needed to troubleshoot – they are all ironed out now.  By Tuesday, my client had not provided any of the audio yet.  I finally go the “Neil” audio Thursday and was able to add it into my course.  I hope to get the “Dorothy” portion before the end of day Friday. If I do, I will put it all together and upload it again to my server.  There’s really nothing I can do until I receive it from my client.

My biggest challenge this semester was that this was my first experience where I had almost no subject matter knowledge, forcing me to rely on my client for a considerable portion of the content.  I believe that’s the main reason why I experienced less flow than in other courses.  I still don’t regret taking this project on in my last semester when I could have done a personal project.  I appreciate the opportunity to learn Articulate Storyline even more than I anticipated.  I enjoyed using it so much that I am targeting my job search hoping to find an opportunity to use it in the future.

So without further adieu, I am proud to present my Calculations and Conversions for Nurses course.  I have worked more kinks out of it than I ever knew I could create. Enjoy!

(…and for your further entertainment – compare to my first prototype from 9/17/13.)

Note:  this was also my first HTML5 project.  I was concerned that it was not displaying correctly on an iPad, but this Articulate information on viewing Storyline content on iPad highlights the limitations of the Safari browser and recommends the Articulate Mobile Player as a better option.  This player is available at no cost in the iTunes App Store.  More details for publishing and using the course on an iPad can be found here.